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15 Weeks That Changed America: How Roll Call Reported on the Watergate Hearings
Reporter’s Notebook: An executive summary of Roll Call’s biggest stories, from the reporters themselves

Forty-five years ago, the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities gaveled in, beginning a series of hearings that eventually led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon. Roll Call data reporters discuss their special report retelling the story of those hearings with previous coverage, video and audio straight from the Russell Building. View the full report here....
Rubio Leads Chorus of Lawmakers Critical of Trump’s Trade Talks With China
Penn Ave Report: Connecting Congress and the White House at the intersection of politics

How Trump’s Attacks on Mueller Probe Are Playing on Capitol Hill
Penn Ave Report: Connecting Congress and the White House at the intersection of politics

No Representative in Congress? Don’t Worry, the House Clerk Has Your Back
Undercover Capitol takes you inside the historic workplace — one video at a time

Will Any of House Legislative Push Make It to Trump’s Desk?: What You Need to Know
Connecting Congress and the White House at the intersection of politics 

The House is suddenly very busy with a farm bill, prison reform measure, the national defense authorization bill and more. But the White House seems to have different priorities, says correspondent John T. Bennett. Here are the realities at the other end of Pennsylvania when considering the likelihood of such measures getting enacted. ...
3 Things to Watch in Pennsylvania’s Primaries

On Tuesday, Pennsylvanians go to the polls to vote in primaries for the newly drawn districts for 2018. Watch to find out what senior political reporter Bridget Bowman is looking for during the voting....
Haspel’s Confirmation Hearing Felt Like Deja Vu to 2014 Interrogation Debate
Reporter’s Notebook — An executive summary of Roll Call’s biggest stories, from the reporters themselves

Senate reporter Niels Lesniewski shares his observations covering CIA director nominee Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing in the Senate today and discusses how they intersected with the torture report that was released in 2014. ...
Expect a Full-Throated Push to Confirm Haspel as Next CIA Chief 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's top priority for the months leading up to the midterm elections is to get as many of President Donald Trump's nominees for courts and bureaucratic posts approved. Gina Haspel, the current deputy director of the CIA, has been tapped to lead the agency — White House correspondent John T. Bennett says look to her allies on the Hill and at the White House to make a robust case for her confirmation ahead of her May 9 hearing before the Senate ...
The Congressional War on Flowers: A Brief History
Undercover Capitol takes you inside the historic workplace — one video at a time 

When CQ editor Amelia Frappolli heard that flowers were banned on the House and Senate floors, she wondered if there was more to the story. It turns out, a tradition of sending lawmakers floral bouquets for their desks got so out of hand in the early 1900s that the practice was banned. Here’s what she found....
Trump and House Leadership at Odds on Legislative Agenda Heading Into May

President Donald Trump maintains that border security, infrastructure and reducing the U.S. military’s global footprint are top priorities for Congress in the months leading up to the midterm election. But White House correspondent John T. Bennett says none of those issues were on House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s to-do list....
Freshman 15 Is Real, Even in Senate, Tillis Says
At the Table, where lawmakers show Roll Call their favorite place for a meal on the Hill

North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis joined Roll Call’s Alex Gangitano for breakfast at his favorite local spot, The Market Lunch in Eastern Market. Eating a low-carb breakfast of eggs and sausage, Tillis talked about using diet and exercise to move past the freshman 15 weight-gain he said afflicted him and some of his Senate colleagues. Below is a transcript of the video.

What We Know About the House Chaplain Controversy So Far

House reporter Lindsey McPherson has the latest on a scandal that has reached outside of lawmakers themselves but to another creature of the House — the House chaplain. Watch the video for the latest.

Diamond and Silk Tell Congress: ‘Facebook Censored Our Free Speech’

The pro-Trump social media personalities Diamond and Silk (real names: Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) gave heated testimony before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on social media censorship. Watch highlights....
Already Small in Number, GOP Women Incumbents Could Be In Jeopardy

Senior political reporters Simone Pathé and Bridget Bowman discuss the midterm landscape for women....
Macron to Congress: Embrace Global Role, Reject ‘Fake News’ and Stay in Iran Deal

French President Emmanuel Macron, addressing a joint meeting of Congress, encouraged lawmakers — and by proxy, his host President Donald Trump — not to abandon the nuclear weapons agreement between Iran and six world powers. Watch for more highlights of his speech Wednesday. ...
What’s a Joint Meeting of Congress and Who Gets the Honor?
Roll Call Decoder with David Hawkings — Wonky explainers from a Capitol Hill expert

French President Emmanuel Macron, fresh off a state dinner at the White House, will address Congress on Wednesday. Roll Call editor David Hawkings explains the pomp and circumstance of such affairs on the Hill....
Still No Trump, But This Year’s Correspondents’ Dinner Will Be Different

The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner — or #nerdprom, as it’s called in D.C. — is set for Saturday. Ahead of the event, Roll Call’s John T. Bennett sat down with the association’s president, Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev, about the shifting dynamics of the West Wing press shop and its relationship with the media....
How to Change Senate Rules, Slowly, With the 'Book of Spells'
Undercover Capitol takes you inside the historic workplace — one video at a time

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., made history when she brought her newborn daughter to the Senate floor to cast a vote. Changing the rule to allow that to happen took a Senate vote that set a precedent — and (eventually) a new entry in Riddick's Senate Procedure, the parliamentarian's road map for getting things done correctly....